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Peter's first appearance as Steven Taylor in 'The Chase' (1965)

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Maureen O'Brien (Vicki), Bill Hartnell (The Doctor) and Peter (Steven) in 'The Time Meddler' (1965)

With Campbell Singer and Carmen Silvera in 'The Celestial Toymaker' (1966)

STOP PRESS for all Doctor Who fans in Suffolk and Norfolk.

Thursday 29th May  10.30am
 VENUE:  The CUT, Halesworth Suffolk.

I will be giving an illustrated talk at the Cut entitled “THE FIRST DOCTOR”. In this 50th anniversary year of the iconic TV show Doctor Who I will be telling the story of the genesis of the programme together with some anecdotal material of my 46 episodes as the Doctor’s companion, Steven Taylor. Michael Imison, The director of “The Ark”,  one of the cleverer serials in which I took part, will join me for an informal and entertaining 90 minutes.

The Original Series
Peter appeared in 44 episodes of Doctor Who - all with the original Doctor, William Hartnell.
After joining the cast for a one-off appearance in 1965 as Morton Dill, Peter very soon had the opportunity of becoming Steven Taylor, one of the ever-present "companions" of Doctor Who, appearing in the following serials.
The Time Meddler - 4 episodes
Galaxy 4 - 4 episodes *
The Myth Makers - 4 episodes *
The Ark - 4 episodes
The Massacre - 4 episodes *
The Dalek Master Plan - 12 episodes *
The Gunfighters - 4 episodes
The Celestial Toymaker - 4 episodes *
The Savages - 4 episodes
The continuing interest in the Early series of Doctor Who is considerable both in the UK and around the world. There are Appreciation Societies, numerous websites and large conventions for the show's aficionados which Peter sometimes attends.
Those who want to start exploring the web for information on Doctor Who might want to start with the following links:

   BBC's Official Doctor Who Page
   The Doctor Who Appreciation Society
   All About Peter as Steven Taylor

The huge interest that the new series of Doctor Who has generated means that there has been renewed interest in some of the older and original stories and serials. Consequently I have now made audio versions, with producer Mark Ayres, of all the serials in which I took part, and they do make excellent radio plays. I have also recorded an original Doctor Who story featuring my character, Steven Taylor, for Big Finish Productions. It is called Mother Russia, and I act as narrator of the story.
Another recent innovation has been the production of DVD’s with alternative audio tracks to existing video footage. I have just completed the Space Museum with William Russell (Ian), Maureen O’Brien (Vicki) and the writer of the serial Glyn Jones; and also The Chase (which was where I played two characters in the same serial - in episode three I was an American Hillbilly, Morton Dill who had contact with the Tardis and the Daleks on top of the Empire State Building in New York); and in episode six, I joined the series as Steven Taylor, a new regular cast member – and the director, Richard Martin joined me, Russ and Maureen in the backroom discussion. It is all very enlightening I can assure you.

Peter's Memories

"Following a couple of leading roles in TV plays I heard that Doctor Who was looking for actors who could 'move' to play giant butterflies and other insects in one of the serials. I went along to meet the director, Richard Martin, who very kindly told me that with the work I had been doing previously it wasn't worth me playing one of the non-speaking roles. However, he told me that if ever he was casting proper acting parts, he would think of me.

A few months later Richard was true to his word when he cast me as Morton Dill in The Chase. I was thrilled to be playing the part, but even more thrilled when I was asked to go with the Producer, Verity Lambert, for a drink at Studio 3, the pub opposite the Riverside Studios. I was dumbfounded when she asked me if I would be interested in joining the cast on a regular basis. Naturally I said 'Yes' and Steven Taylor made his debut appearance three weeks later.

Of all the serials the historical ones were my favourites - particularly The Massacre and The Myth Makers - and I have quite an affection for The Celestial Toymaker.

I finally left the cast of the show in June 1966.

More recently it has been a delight to be involved again. The remastered CDs being launched required some new commentary to add continuity to the original sound tracks and it has been a privilege to have narrated all of the stories in which I took part."